Our Mission

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your hands”, Hugh White once said.

In the beginning, we have also manufactured aluminium thermo-pane windows and doors in our factory, later we changed to PVC carpentry, but after some time, we understood that our clients deserve only the best products, the ones that satisfy all their demands. That is why we chose to become only producers of laminated wood windows and doors.

By purchasing the latest technology in wood processing (CNC system), not only that we have obtained a high-productivity laminated wood factory, but also a permanent quality standard for the windows and doors manufactured in our company.

We accept the mission of installing such laminated wood windows and doors to complete perfectly the looks of ny wise and hardworking man’s house. This is not all. The aesthetic accent given by our windows and doors on the looks of the entire construction will have the same impact as the one given by a pair of precious buttons to an elegant costume and an impeccable white shirt.


We are aware that our mission is not an easy task, but we consider that is our mandatory duty to explain to every single client all the advantages of choosing the laminated wood carpentry instead of PVC/ aluminium one.

We promise you to publish on our website a list of persons who initially had installed PVC or aluminium windows and doors, and after changing their carpentry with our laminated wood windows and doors, accepted to confess about their initial sad experiments. They can explain you better the difference between “loss” and “investment”.

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