Our Philosophy on Laminated Wood

Whenever we visit centuries-old monasteries and churches, we admire how the wooden windows have preserved for such a long time. It simply makes one think that this modern invention - the technology of laminated wood and of modern paints - would guarantee that the laminated wood carpentry resists for at least three generations.

Our philosophy is that manufacturing laminated wood windows and doors, we bring constructions to life, through the joy of their aspect and durability and interposing the wood fibre – the one that leads to a superior quality, comparing to the classical wood windows – will be like a real overlapping of the essences of life.

Our concern for people begins with our care for each of the employees of our company and sums up to the wish that our grand-grandchildren will be able to affirm that their grandparents were wise and hardworking people, because they chose to decorate their houses with such beautiful and resistant doors and windows.

Our care about the environment makes us treat the wood as a precious gift from God and raise its value - by adding our effort of processing it at the best possible quality.

And our care about the profit,… let’s say that we will always think only about a fair payment in exchange for the joy of obtaining such marvellous things that fully worth the investment.

Shall we consider all these principles as “our philosophy”?


To be able to understand completely our so-called “philosophy”, you have to meet us first and take a tour of our site - like every other client (…and future friend - because this is the way things go around here).

That is the reason why we said that using only laminated wood, we simply manufacture windows and doors opened to the hearts of our clients, and the house will live together with us and with our grand-grandsons.

Therefore, our only wish is that one day, after a very long time, our grand-grand children will sell to your grand-grandsons the latest models of laminated wood windows and  doors. Next century!

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