Our Vision to Create LIVING CARPENTRY

Either at the Hermitage Museum, in a private collection or even at the famous Louvre Museum, each great painting deserves its own frame, as precious as the story said by the artist himself.

The stories of our lives will always fit perfectly in the frame of all the doors and windows that opens each day to the future, no matter where we live, but a living carpentry will always tell the story of comfort and aesthetics.

Our vision is to become, in the next four years, the sales-leader of thermo-pane windows and doors on the Romanian market, and that means that ECO Strat would protect and embellish at least 25% of the houses in our country.

At the same time, we wish that at least 25% of all the new green-constructions would benefit of our excellent laminated wood windows and doors. We simply cannot accept a wooden house without such exquisite carpentry, especially that - because of our carefully selected suppliers together with our modern CNC System – we are now able to offer you the best quality and the best price on the market.


We do believe in such daring ideals, because we receive, day after day, many thanking-calls and we benefit of the continuous recommendations from our satisfied clients.

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