David Lange said that success of services is directly proprotional with the art of serving others.

Starting with the production of laminated wood doors and windows up to making houses that "turn according to the Sun", as each one of us wishes, there is an intinerary in achieving the level of satisfaction built in from the very first day we founded the business. Because we treasure the maximum level of satisfaction, we consider that you need to know every detail and piece of information ragarding the multitude of existing informations.

In order to produce the most quality and cost efficent laminated wood doors and windows, we are successful not by lowering the quality of the raw materials used or of the services delivered, but by investing in a more performant technique, with a higher level of efficiency.


The warranties and post warranties for the laminated wood carpentry we manufacture represent a valuable advantage in our offer, and this is why it is important to mention here that we gain and offer this warranties per components.

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Laminated wood carpentry
Laminated wood carpentry- otherwise said the the least expensive material used in constructions compared to the product's life, endurance, and aesthetics...